About Us


MCR is your comprehensive technology partner in North Yorkshire, offering a wide spectrum of services to meet all your technology needs. With over 15 years of IT experience, we bring professionalism and expertise to every service we provide.

Our integrated services encompass:

Domestic IT and Mobile Repair

From software installation and troubleshooting to system maintenance, domestic IT, and mobile device repair, we've got all your technology needs covered. Our skilled team is equipped to handle issues across a range of devices, ensuring that you stay connected and productive

TV, Audio & Video Installation

Enhance your home entertainment experience with our comprehensive installation services, covering not only TVs but also audio and video systems. We make the setup of televisions, home theatre systems, and audio-visual equipment hassle-free.

Smart Home Services

Transform your home into a technologically advanced, connected oasis with our smart home services. We offer installation and integration of smart devices, allowing you to control and automate various aspects of your home, from lighting and climate to security and entertainment.

Domestic Electric Installation

Trust our expertise in domestic electric installation to ensure the safety, reliability, and compliance of your household's electrical systems.

CCTV Installation

Elevate security in both residential and commercial settings with our expert CCTV installation services, providing you with peace of mind.

Home Network Installation

Stay seamlessly connected with our customized home network installation solutions, ensuring your devices are always online and ready to serve you.

Training Plus Services

Empower yourself with our training services, designed to enhance your tech proficiency, encompassing software tutorials, technology workshops, and IT skills development.


MCR Is Your One-Stop Destination For All Things Tech-Related, Including Domestic IT And Mobile Repair. Our Commitment To Excellence, Swift Service, And Unwavering Dedication To Customer Satisfaction Remain At The Core Of Our Service Philosophy. Experience Technology Solutions That Simplify Your Digital World, Enhance Your Security, And Keep You Connected. Join Our Satisfied Clientele And Partner With MCR For All Your Technology Needs.

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Our Motto


    We proudly extend our services to a broad geographical area, encompassing the vibrant communities of Middlesbrough, Stockton, Hartlepool, Sunderland, Durham, Redcar, Darlington, Bishop Auckland, and beyond. Our commitment to providing top-tier technology solutions knows no bounds as we cater to the diverse needs of clients across these dynamic regions.


    Whether you’re based in the bustling urban landscapes of Durham or the thriving towns of Middlesbrough, Stockton, we’re your trusted technology partner.

    Our comprehensive range of services includes domestic IT and mobile repair, domestic electric installation, TV, audio, and video installation, smart home services, CCTV installation, home network installation, and training plus services.  



    We’re dedicated to delivering excellence in all these areas, ensuring that individuals and businesses in these regions can count on us for all their technology needs. Partner with us and experience technology solutions that simplify your digital world, enhance your security, and keep you connected